Copper Table Tops

Created by old world craftsmen, with centuries old metal working techniques, our copper table tops have a hand hammered surface and a richly colored patina finish unique to each piece.

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Hand Hammered Copper Table Tops

Our copper table tops are made of recycled copper that is melted in a wood fire, rolled into a sheet, and hammered by hand on every square inch. Hammering the copper causes it to be stressed and brittle, so the next step is to return the copper sheet back to the fire to be annealed, or softened. This process requiring the copper to be heated and quickly cooled is repeated numerous times depending on the amount of hammering and movement required. When the copper skin is completed it is hammered around and attached to a wooden frame. Lastly, before shipping your copper table top, we wax the surface with a dark colored wax, let dry and then polish.

Our hand hammered copper is guaranteed to be crafted of good materials and executed with professional craftsmanship. But because of the natural forces involved we can-not guarantee any specific finish. The black and mottled discoloration on the copper is caused by the carbon in the fire and will be different with each piece. Some pieces will be blacker and some will have more red coloration. Some will have bright marks like a new penny where the cooling process has flashed off the patina. And any copper top that is over 36" wide or long will have a fused seam running across the piece. These seams vary in coloration, along with the top itself and are sometimes visible and sometimes not. This is not a defect but in fact a part of our manufacturing process.

Since we build copper tops one at a time by hand we do have the ability to do custom sizes. We build up to 108" long and as wide as 48". If you do not see the size you need listed, please call us for a custom quote.

Care of your Copper Table Top

Copper being a natural element, can react to other metals such as Aluminum. It can also react to acid such as food acids. The wax finish we apply will protect the copper from most of these reactions. But we recommend that you follow some simple guidelines when using and caring for your copper table top.

Heat & Liquid: Do not set down hot plates without using a trivet or place mat and use coasters for all of your drinking glasses. Our finish process will cause anything spilled on the tabletop finish to "bead up" just as on the finish of a brand new car. But water left for extended periods of time could cause spotting.

Direct Sunlight: Do-Not allow your copper table to be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time! Direct sunlight can fade framed pictures, the finish on wood tables, and draperies; the same can be said for your new copper top table.

Ferrous Metals: Please remember that copper will discolor if a ferrous metal such as steel is placed for a long period of time on the tabletop surface! This would include but not be limited to: steel or ferrous pottery, candlestick holders, charges etc. Please keep in mind that some clay pottery does contain metal (ferrous) properties that will discolor your tabletop too. Always make sure that anything set on the tabletop has a protective backing such as felt so as to protect your tabletop.

Cleaning & Care: Dust when needed with a clean, soft cloth. You may use a high quality furniture polish when dusting. We recommend every 6-12 months that you apply a coat of paste wax such as Briwax. Follow the instructions by letting the wax dry to a haze and buff to a clear finish with a clean soft cloth just as you would paste wax a car finish.