Rustic Metal Cut-Outs

It's true that art imitates life, and there may be no greater compliment to the natural order of things than our new collection of rustic metal bird and animal silhouettes. Created from recycled and reclaimed materials found in the USA, and rusted to a well worn patina, these re-purposed denizens of the air and field are meticulously rendered in winged detail…combs and crests, ear tufts, split or square tails; the acrobats, the tree climbers, the travelers and the water dwellers. Each has a sturdy, flat base with pre-drilled holes for mounting or simply positioning on the surface of your choice. They are beautiful but blissfully quiet, and they add just the right touch of whimsy and spirit to gables, garden rooms, guest areas and gates. Where do you need a little environmental upgrade?

This product is hand-made by skilled artisans. Custom craftsmanship takes time we ask you to please be patient and allow the artisans to do their best work.Proudly made right here in the USA

A fabulous selection of the small songbirds and tree climbers normally found in our own backyards and gardens feeders. Ranging in size from three to five inches, each rustic bird is a non aerial one dimensional version of its chirpy, chatty feathered model - without the seed spillage. The nuthatch is so realistic it's even depicted racing down a tree head first!