Shop by Room - Bedroom

Timeless, classical, hand-forged wrought iron furniture and accents are a perfect addition to any bedroom, be it yours, your child's, or a guest room. Hand forged by iron artisans, our metal beds, cabinets, and accessories will share years of memories with you and your family.

  • Accent Tables - Wonderful for accent, storage and bedside convenience.
  • Baskets - A wonderful way to add flair and function to any room of your home.
  • Benches - Beautiful and versatile, wrought iron benches are one of the few pieces of movable furniture that supply as many uses in the home as in the garden.
  • Blanket Stands - Blanket stands and quilt racks are ideal for storing bedding as well as an attractive way to display heirloom quilts.
  • Canopy Beds - Add drama and romance to your bedrooms decor with the ageless elegance of a canopy bed.
  • Candle Wall Sconces - Mounted alone or as a set of two or three, wall candle sconces will cast a soft glow, and create an atmosphere of intimacy and warmth.
  • Chandeliers - Chandeliers that are thoughtfully chosen can make a drastic difference in your home.
  • Day Beds - With living quarters becoming smaller a daybed can make a sensible addition to many homes.
  • Headboards - A unique headboard treatment can express your creativity, individuality and sense of style.
  • Hooks - If you don't have enough room for a towel bar consider a decorative bath hook or two for hanging towels and robes.
  • Iron Beds - Timeless, classical, hand-forged wrought iron beds are a perfect addition to any bedroom, be it yours, your child's, or a guest room.
  • Jewelry Tree Stands - Why spend unnecessary time trying to untangle necklaces and bracelets? Jewelry trees and jewelry stands are the perfect way to store your gems.
  • Metal Beds - Hand forged by iron artisans, our metal beds will share years of memories with you and your family.
  • Mirrors - Reflect on our assortment of wrought iron mirrors and create a little decorating magic in your home.
  • Pet Beds - Pamper your pooch with our collection of elegant and stylish wrought iron pet beds.
  • Shelves - Successful home storage solutions go hand-in-hand with good organization.
  • Storage - Our selection of home storage solutions includes wrought iron coat racks, blanket stands and wire racks that are sure to blend seamlessly with almost any decor.
  • Table Lamps - Versatile and vibrant, wrought iron table lamps are stylish accents that not only draw attention to themselves but serve to increase the function, drama, and style of a room.
  • Wood & Iron Beds - Offering the best of both worlds, the warmth of wood with the beauty of iron, our line of wood and metal beds feature unique designs to transform almost any bedroom decor.
  • Wall Grilles & Plaques - Pictures are nice, but something unexpected on the wall can make a great statement.
  • Wall Sconces - Wrought iron wall sconces offer a beautiful option for soothing indirect light that creates dramatic effects on walls.
  • Wall Shelves - The unique lines, curves, and patterns of our metal wall and corner shelves lend a distinctive appearance to your decor.