Decorative Weathervane

Perhaps it all started at the homes of sea captains, or ship builders or sailors. Someone whose life or livelihood depended upon which way the wind was blowing. We can't document who came up with the idea, but the weathervane appeared. Brilliant in its concept and function, others admired it and, soon, decorative weathervanes starting popping up on house roofs. They may have depicted a favorite sport, a favorite dog, a favorite boat or a salute to their town.

Decorative weathervanes may still grace roof tops but many may be staked at eye-level where they convey more detail under close inspection. No matter which way your personal wind blows, there is a decorative weathervane to spark your passion.

Fun and functional metal artwork that depicts your personal passion or pride of place! We've got something for the sports enthusiast, the collector, the animal lover and the optimist. And each may be displayed via roof mount or yard stake.

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