Window Boxes

Window boxes let you express your creativity and style without a lot of work and they help to make your home seem more friendly and inviting.

  • Like a garden, window boxes look best with a mix of plants: short, tall, and trailing.
  • For winter fill the box with evergreens like cedar branches and pine boughs, pine cones, and holly.
  • Decorate your window boxes for the seasons, even for the holidays.
  • Some plants that work well in a window box are; Black mondo grass, Boxwood, Caladium, Coleus, Dwarf sunflower, English ivy, Fan flower, Gazania, Geraniums, Golden creeping jenny, Heather, Heliotrope, Licorice vine, Lotus vine, Marigolds, Million bells, Ornamental kale, Petunia, Sedum, Snapdragon, Sweet alyssum, Sweet potato vine, Trailing lobelia, Verbena, and Vinca,

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