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Amore - Metal Finishes

All drapery rods, brackets and rings have scratch resistant baked matte finish in black or brown or may be hand-finished in your choice of custom colors for an extra charge. If you are having trouble picking a finish you can (order Amore finish samples) to view in your home; and coordinate, to your decorating project. The cost of the samples will be refunded upon their return.

Screens and photography will vary. Use these as a guide. Select the photo for enlarged views.

Please note that due to the differences in computer screens the color samples on this screen may display differently than their actual color. Due to the handcrafted nature of the iron furniture (the finishes are all hand-applied), you should only order a premium finish without viewing a sample, if you have some tolerance for slight variations in color schemes.

Basic Finishes -The basic finishes are in available in solid colors of matte brown and matte black and offer substantial resistance to scratches and abrasion; important qualities for rods and rings. These colors are applied in a high-tech environmentally friendly facility using automated lines to thoroughly clean and prepare the metal pieces for this baked-on powder coated finish. The result is a very durable and consistent finish.

Special Finishes -Our Special Finishes bring out the beauty of the metal designs and blend with the colors of fabric, trims, wall hangings, floor coverings and light fixtures. This is accomplished with a unique hand-finish which combines multi-layers of paint colors to create our "Special Finishes." Every item we make is available in any special finish. Items are painted at time of order to insure uniformity and consistency for the entire order (everything ordered will be in the same lot similar to fabric dye lots or wallpaper runs). Of course, as with all hand-painted items, some variation is expected.

  • For rods, brackets and rings, the basic finish becomes a base coat upon which the multi-layer special finishes are applied.
  • Always use extra care in handling any special finish products, as only the solid black and brown colors are baked-on.
  • Antique Brown and Olde Black are the most abrasion resistant Special Finish colors, as they have the powder-coated brown or black finish under the special finish.