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Artisan Iron - Copper Finishes

Fired Copper - Rich colors of red, brown, orange, and black are a function of the impurities in the recycled copper. The colors are random and are not controllable - each piece is truly unique

Patina Verde Copper - A green patina on the surface of the copper. The amount of patina on the copper is controllable; therefore, more or less green patina may be specified.

All copper is sealed with clear paste wax, which is the correct and proper sealer for copper. Periodic waxing is required by the customer to keep the copper sealed and protected from oxidation, moisture, and spills (see Care Instructions below). Upon special request, the copper can be sealed with lacquer clear coat sealer (but it is not recommended). The copper is hand-hammered using the optimal depth and spacing for preserving the appearance of the copper over time with use, scratching, and abrasion; while also allowing one to easily write on a sheet of paper on the same copper surface.

Each item is made and finished by hand. No two finishes are exactly alike. If a pair of any item is ordered, they will be finished by the same person at the same time. If, after a period of time, a second item is ordered, there is no guarantee the second item will exactly match the first item. An exact match of color or grain may not be possible due to natural imperfections and the hand crafted nature of our furnishings.