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Artisan Iron - Wood Options

Dark Wood Stain - Standard Finish
The most popular wood finish. Touch-ups are quick and easy using Briwax "Dark Brown" color tone or darker - wipe it on, wipe it off, and you are finished.

Light Wood Wax - Standard Finish
A hand-rubbed paste wax finish with a light golden brown color tone. Periodic waxing to keep the wood sealed and protected is required for up-keep.

Antique Finishes - Premium Finishes
The paint finishes involve a five-step process that includes wood stains and paints, a dark glaze, and two coats of clear coat lacquer. This finish is much more durable, water resistant, and maintenance free compared to the light hand-rubbed wax finish.

FINISH DISCLAIMER -Each item is made and finished by hand. No two finishes are exactly alike.

Please note - due to the differences in computer screens the color samples on your screen may display differently than their actual color. Due to the handcrafted nature of the furniture (the finishes are all hand-applied), you should only order a premium finish without viewing a sample, if you have some tolerance for slight variations in color schemes. If a pair of any item is ordered, they will be finished by the same person at the same time. If, after a period of time, a second item is ordered, there is no guarantee the second item will exactly match the first item. An exact match of color or grain may not be possible due to natural imperfections and the hand crafted nature of our furnishings.