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Blanket Wrap Delivery

Transit (pick-up and delivery dates) vary greatly compared to traditional freight transit. Expect a 3-8 week transit time. Remote areas could take longer.

Blanket wrap is a type of service where carriers wrap items in blankets to protect them during transit, generally used for larger unpacked items such as furniture. This type of service is exactly how it sounds: items are wrapped in blankets, strapped securely inside the truck, and transported onto a truck with other items wrapped in the same way. Each truck is staffed by two drivers who make all of the pick-ups and deliveries.

The blanket wrap provider we use has their warehouse in North Carolina.  Once the item is ready to ship we transport it to their warehouse. These companies typically operate on a predetermined delivery route based on the deliveries to be made in a given area. Once a route is established they will contact you to schedule delivery on the day they will be in your area.  

IMPORTANT - Customers must be available to accept delivery during the designated time frame. In the event that they are not available, the shipment will be postponed until the company schedules another delivery in the area. This means that customers should plan accordingly and be prepared to receive their shipment within the 3-8 week transit time (which may vary based on the location of the delivery address).


Furniture delivery services include:

  •     Mount mirrors to dressers and assemble pier systems
  •     Set up beds, bunk beds and attach headboards to frames, provided no holes have to be drilled and slats are cut to length.
  •     Secure chair seats to chairs
  •     Set up and secure table legs/bases.
  •     Remove all packaging material.
  •     Install hardware such as knobs and pulls on the furniture
  •     Install glass or wood shelves
Furniture delivery services do not include:
  •     Set up clocks
  •     Disassemble furniture that will not fit into a room
  •     Move existing furniture.  The room will need to be cleared prior to the driver arrival
  •      Hang pictures or mount mirrors on the walls
  •      Remove, unhook or hook-up any electronic equipment.  It is the customer’s responsibility to move this type of equipment.
  •      Assemble cribs
What if something is damaged?

If you receive a piece of furniture that is damaged the driver will report this to the appropriate customer service department.  Our drivers have furniture repair kits and have been trained to make minor touch-ups and repairs.  If the customer is not satisfied the driver will bring the piece back to NC for repair or replacement.  Any damages to your home or personal property must be noted on the bill at the time of delivery while our drivers are still in the home.  We will not honor any claim if not noted at the time of delivery.

Delivery of large or heavy items:
The customer is responsible to note the size and dimensions of the furniture to insure that it will fit, not only in the designated room, but also will go through hallways, doorways, stairwells, etc.  If the delivery to the designated room involves potential damage to your home due to the weight or size of the furniture, the delivery will be made to another area of the customers choice.  If the furniture is left in an area at a customer’s home because of this situation  it will be the customer’s responsibility to move the furniture. We furnish two drivers on our trucks.  If your furniture has an individual piece weight of 300lbs or more, we may require the customer to have additional people as needed to safely make the delivery.  If our drivers feel that the placement of the furniture is going to potentially damage your home or the furniture, and you insist that they try, you will be asked to sign a waiver releasing D & D Delivery Service, Inc and your store from any liability should damage to your home or furniture occur.

    *** NOTE - Please be sure to measure all doors, elevators, and stairways. Delivery fees, both ways, are non-refundable should merchandise not fit.