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Courtyard Garden Torch Statue

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of classic Greek gardens with our Courtyard Garden Torch Statue. This splendid statue, crafted from textured magnesium oxide and adorned with an antiqued hand-painted finish, exudes the allure of an artifact from a bygone era. Towering nearly four feet high, the torch design conjures up images of the enchanting Grecian coastline, infusing your decor with a dash of sophistication and an element of wanderlust.

The statue's dimensions are 17" x 17" x 45.5", creating a dramatic presence in any setting. Each piece is molded and then meticulously hand-finished, reflecting the care and craftsmanship invested in its creation. The use of durable magnesium oxide ensures longevity, making this a worthwhile addition to your collection.

Presented in an antiqued finish, this torch statue exudes an irresistible vintage charm. We recommend covered use to preserve its rustic appeal and protect it from the elements.

Experience the grandeur of our Courtyard Garden Torch Statue and its ability to transform your decor, transporting you to the captivating landscapes of Greece with its timeless elegance and intricate design. Discover this striking piece and more in our carefully curated collection.

Finish: As Shown
Material: Antiqued
Material: Magnesium oxide
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