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Indoor/Outdoor Diamond Lantern - Taupe

Step into a world where geometry and light converge with our Taupe Tyvek Diamond Lantern. This 11" x 11" x 17" geometric wonder, with its soothing taupe finish, is a fusion of practicality and avant-garde style. Crafted from weather-resistant Tyvek, this piece is as sturdy as it is stunning, boasting a 100% recyclable composition that lights up the night and conserves the planet by day. Its diamond-shaped facets cast a spectacle of dotted illuminations, creating a constellation of light that adds depth and character to any setting.

But this lantern isn’t just a pretty face. It comes fully equipped with 2 AAA batteries and a remote control, featuring a dimmer and four handy timers. It's the kind of accessory that works smarter, not harder, to give you that 'just-right' lighting. Whether you’re draping your balcony in a tapestry of taupe light for a starry summer night, or bringing a cozy, geometric pattern to your winter living room, this lantern is the epitome of year-round charm and sophistication.


Dimensions: 11" x 11" x 17"
Finish: Taupe
Material: Weather-resistant and 100% recyclable Tyvek
Contains: Come with 2 AAA batteries and remote control with battery. Remote has dimmer and 4 timers.
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Styling Tips:

Amplify the ambiance of a minimalist space by placing the lantern in a clean, uncluttered corner, letting the light play off bare walls.
Nestle this diamond among your porch potted plants for an ethereal garden glow that turns every evening into a midsummer night’s dream.
Combine with metallic silver accessories and cool gray textiles for a contemporary look that’s both warm and cosmopolitan.