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Wood Garden Tiered Plant Stand

This rustic wooden stand, adorned with three crescent tiers, adds an architectural charm and visual intrigue to your collection of potted plants. Our Wood Garden Tiered Plant Stand can be positioned against a wall or placed atop a table, creating an elevated display that showcases your retail merchandise or personal collection in a unique way. Each stand, spanning almost three feet by two feet, is individually crafted and hand-painted, with elaborate details that make it a standout piece.

The stand measures 36.75" in length, 20.25" in width, and 24.25" in height. Constructed from reclaimed pine and MDF, it guarantees durability and a distinct, rustic aesthetic. The top, middle, and bottom shelves measure 9.50"L x 6.25"W, 23.00"L x 6.25"W, and 36.00"L x 6.25"W respectively, and each has a weight capacity of 45 lbs.

The antiqued color and finish is achieved through a meticulous hand-painting process performed by an artisan, resulting in a charmingly distressed look that adds character to any setting.

Dimensions: 36.75" x 20.25" x 24.25"
Finish: Antiqued
Material: Reclaimed pine and MDF
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