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Buying Wrought Iron Corbels and Brackets

August 05, 2019 2 min read

Brackets & Corbels

These decorative and sturdy "arms" often support counter or bar tops, wall mounted entry or console tables and shelves and mantles but they're just as current when they do nothing more than show off their good looks. Because we sell most of our corbels for use as part of a work force, the tips that follow focus on how well they buttress and bear weight.

What Size Do I Need?

Let's start with what they are intended to hold up. Is it a granite counter top? Most manufacturers recommend no more than a four inch overhang but today's kitchen counters act as breakfast bars and serving areas so many sport over hangs of eight inches or more. If that describes your scenario, then the horizontal portion of the corbel or bracket should come within one to two inches of the edge of your counter, defined as the depth. Because these supports are also attractively carved, scrolled, fluted and etched, what you glimpse from the front matters. The weighty and significant face - described as the width - in this example might be perfect at two inches. There are no hard and fast rules, however, when it comes to width so go with what appeals to you. One cautionary tale…the width of the bracket shouldn't overwhelm the space to which it's allotted and shouldn't impede chairs if you are using them.

How Many Corbels Should I Use?

The general rule of thumb suggests a support piece every 40 inches. Thus, a 48 inch long counter top with an overhang of 8 inches would be fine with two corbels or brackets. Deeper overhangs would benefit from additional support.

Can I Install Corbels or Brackets Myself?

Certainly! We've included installation instructions for wood, drywall, brick and stone in this section. And, let us add a note about affixing things to walls. Find the stud! Studs are usually found every sixteen inches in the walls throughout typical homes and businesses. If you can't find perfect placement for your piece using the existing studs we suggest that you employ an angle plate and large toggle bolts or fasteners as recommended by a hardware or large home improvement store. Get more information under installation.

Why Use Wrought Iron As Opposed To Wood?

Iron has better strength on its side and adapts more easily to patterned designs. And if you currently use a wood corbel or bracket you can replace them with wrought or cast iron supports instead. Just look for the same width.

Can I Order Unfinished Corbels or Brackets?

Many of our corbels and brackets are available unfinished so they can be painted to better match your decor.

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