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Kitchen Canisters

August 05, 2019 3 min read

The kitchen is an area of your home that not only gets used more often than most other rooms it also contains more belongings. With items ranging from pots, pans, dishes and appliances to food and cleaning supplies storage is usually a problem and finding a place for everything essential in keeping things organized. And while a wrought iron hanging pot rack will help to contain those pots and pans, one thing that almost certainly comes to mind, when you consider kitchen organization, is kitchen canisters. When we think back to our Mothers or even our Grandmothers kitchens, our childhood memories are sure to retain a vision of a set of kitchen canisters filled with everyday staples. In fact, canister sets have been a constant in the American kitchen for hundreds of years.

Provencal Canisters

Usually produced in sets of anywhere from three to five and sometimes as many as ten in graduating sizes, kitchen canisters are commonly made of ceramics, glass or aluminum. But there is no standard in terms of materials, canister sets can be made out of almost anything. Whatever material they are made of, kitchen canister sets are a great way to add storage space as well as add a decorative element to your kitchen.

It doesn't matter if you kitchen is big or small or even if it is old or new let's face it, kitchens become cluttered. Canister sets are ideal for creating a little extra space to contain that clutter. Traditionally devoted to holding the usual suspects of flour sugar, coffee, and tea, kitchen canisters can also help to increase the amount of storage for dry goods and spices. Smaller canisters are perfect for coffee, sugar and creamer. And you can even free up drawer space by using a decorative canister to hold often-used utensils, such as spatulas and spoons. Kitchen canisters can also be used in other rooms of your home. Try using a set of canisters in the bath to organize cotton balls, makeup, hair accessories and other everyday grooming articles. A canister can even be used in place of a vase. Fill an old canister with an interesting arrangement to display on your iron console table.

Decorative as well as functional, kitchen canisters can turn your counter into a kind of display, a reflection of your tastes and personality. With a vast assortment of materials, styles, sizes and colors kitchen canisters can be found to complement any kitchens design scheme.

Some things to consider when shopping for kitchen canisters

  • Considered one of the few elegant colors in the color wheel, black gives off an impression of simplicity, sophistication and elegance. Black kitchen canisters fit in well with modern, contemporary or minimalistic decors. They blend wonderfully with granite counters and stainless appliances.
  • Predominant red tones set the stage for dramatic decorating in the kitchen. An excellent choice for the Mediterranean style, red kitchen canisters more often than not, are used to compliment the other Mediterranean-inspired colors of the kitchen such as green, yellow and brown.
  • Classic and simple, white canisters white continues to be a long time favorite. With styles that fit into decorating schemes ranging from elegant to trendy. White easily blends with other colors and it also looks neat and clean.
  • Canister sets in a variety of warm and inviting colors such as; gold, green, and red are ideal for Tuscan and French Country style kitchens and help to create a warm and welcoming ambiance.
  • Brightly colored kitchen canisters can provide a welcome punch of color in an otherwise monochromatic color scheme.
  • Holiday canister sets can bring the spirit of a holiday to life with patterns, seasonal colors, and fun shapes.
  • Just like vintage shopkeeper's jars, clear glass canisters keep ingredients visible and provide for an easy inventory of their contents.

Our assortment of kitchen canisters includes our all time favorite manufacturer; The GG Collection (Gracious Goods).