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Care of Iron Outdoor Furniture

August 05, 2019 3 min read

Is Iron Recommended for Outdoor Use?

The key to using iron outdoors is to recognize that once the metal becomes exposed to moisture it will rust. Many designers feel that the rust patina enhances the character on some pieces but is not desirable on some functional furniture. If you wish to use iron in an uncovered outdoor space and do not want it to rust quickly, we recommend you choose pieces with "weather resistant" finishes. Even when ordered with a weather resistant finish, however, certain design elements may be more vulnerable to oxidation than others. Areas where water can puddle will not be as durable as surfaces that drain well. Paint is expected to rub off on areas where metal rubs against metal (as on gliders) and all moving parts (swivel stools) should be kept well greased.

Care & Maintenance of Outdoor Furniture

Well-cared for, iron furnishings can last for generations. Knowing how to care for your pieces will greatly enhance your investment and enjoyment.


  • Clean it regularly with warm soapy water and then dry thoroughly.
  • Periodic application of car wax will prolong the life of the finish.
  • Moving parts should be kept well greased.
  • The most common reason iron rusts is because the finish has been chipped, thus exposing bare metal to the elements. Immediately touch up any scratches or rust by lightly sanding the spot with a fine steel wool. Then apply rust inhibitive primer and paint. A topcoat of wax or clear sealer will add further protection.
  • Never let furniture sit in a puddle of water. If needed, use adhesive pads to lift metal above damp surfaces.
  • During the winter and rainy months, keep furniture covered or bring indoors.
  • Cover stone tops to protect from moisture when freezing temperatures are possible.

Seaside Usage

It should be understood that salt water is most damaging to any finish. It is not recommended that you leave any iron product outdoors in a seaside environment. Should you opt to use iron near the ocean, we recommend it be stored in a protected area or covered when not in use, and to immediately repair any areas where the finish has been compromised

Mosaic Table Tops

Our mosaics are made of hand-cut and hand-laid tiles of stained glass, the same material used in cathedral windows, and tumbled marble, a timeless and elegant medium.

Our unique molding process sets our pieces apart from other mosaic products. This method leaves the top and sides of the table completely smooth, with no jagged edges. It also prevents the stone and glass pieces from popping loose.

Our tabletops are made for indoor and outdoor use. We do suggest, however, that they not be exposed to freezing weather. Under these conditions, we recommend either covering the tabletop or bringing it indoors. Due to the natural expansion and contraction of cement, hairline cracks may occur. This is completely normal and will not affect the stability of the table. Hairline cracks can be filled by applying a thin layer of grout, and wiping clean with a damp cloth.

Our tables have been sealed with a penetrating grout sealer to resist staining. Tables should be resealed seasonally. If tops are marked or bumped, fine sandpaper may be used to remove the scuff. Be sure to reseal the area after sanding. To clean the tabletops, use a non-abrasive cleaner made for natural tile or stone. On the stained glass tabletops, you may finish with a glass cleaner to bring a shine to the tiles.

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