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Copper Care Guide

August 05, 2019 2 min read

What Should I Know About Copper Top Tables?

Simply, that they are a masterful, multi-hued element of beauty and design. Because copper reads as a neutral color, table tops made from the metal combine well with various base materials and décor options. It doesn't compete with other pieces in the same room, but rather enhances and elevates its surroundings with its elegant, often hammered countenance and patina.

Copper ages well, and is remarkably easy to maintain with a few specific easy-to-follow guidelines.

  • Avoid placing hot items on the table top.
  • Copper is known as a soft metal that can be scratched or marred easily. Treat it gently.
  • Do not apply lacquer, chemical cleaners or typical household sprays to the table top.
  • Prevent oxidation spots and marks by applying paste wax every week or two.

Maintenance and Care Recommendations

  • Routine cleaning with a mild soap and water solution and a soft cloth may be done daily to remove any food or grime residue.
  • Protect and preserve the finish and seal by applying clear paste wax once or twice a month. Furniture grade wax is available almost everywhere and the thin coat can be spread, left to dry for ten minutes then buffed with a cotton cloth for a high sheen.
  • Use hot pads or elevated servers when introducing any item directly from the oven to the table top.
  • Scratches will ordinarily heal themselves when left exposed to the air. Copper will regain color tones in a period of weeks and should be sealed again with the paste wax process once any scratches or marks lose visibility.
We always welcome questions about the care, coordination and style or design of our Copper Table Tops. Consult one of Iron Accents Customer Care representatives.

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