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Amore Drapery Centerpiece Information

October 17, 2019 2 min read

Centerpiece designs as shown below (do not include the rods or finials)

Centerpiece designs fit into 1”, 1 ½” and 2” drapery rods with included, installer-friendly slip-on internal metal sleeves to become a structural element of the rod, supported only by the drapery rod’s brackets.

Mix and Match the Centerpiece with any rod (smooth or twisted) and any finial style. Most of the centerpiece designs are also available in crowns, hold backs or scarf holders with many mounting options to enable consistent, unified hardware theme.

Each design is custom fitted on the rod, or will be centered on the rod if a location is not specified. We suggest providing a drawing of all windows and wall distances, with where you plan to locate your rod to insure a perfect fit.


Centerpiece designs have a patent-pending connector to join the piece to any of our custom rods. The joiner assembly for each end features a ring stop. Each ring stop is just larger than the diameter of the rod, and prevents rings on the rod from sliding onto the design or finial. Sizes given above do not include the ring stop width on each side of the centerpiece. Ring stops are ¼” wide each side for 1 and 1 ½” diameter rods, and 3/8” wide for each side for 2” diameter rods. However, when ordering rods, measure the entire size of the rod with the centerpiece, from base of finial to base of finial (ie, do not deduct for the centerpiece).

For example, a centerpiece in the middle of an 96” rod (excluding the finial sizes) would be ordered as a 96” rod, the centerpiece, the finials, and the rod brackets. We make all the deductions and allowances for the connectors so you get a perfect fit.