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Amore Adjustable Drapery Rod Guide

October 19, 2019 2 min read

Adjustable rods will telescope, a feature convenient to many homeowners and decorators as size adjustments can easily be made.

Our adjustable rods are sold as complete sets for your convenience. Each set includes two finials, adjustable rods, standard brackets and screws. For your further easy handling, most finials are welded to the telescoping, heavy gauge rods. Any size rod will ship by regular UPS, as the rod may be more easily shipped and handled in interconnecting sections. When installed, there will be minor visible seams where the rod sections meet. For adjustable rods, the seams will fall at 45”, 81”, and 117” from the finial. The “Lip” will be located at 27” for small rods, 45” for medium rods, 81” for large rods and 117” for extra large rods. The “lip” is where the last section of the rod fits into the other section of the rod, allowing the rod to telescope to the size needed.

The interconnecting sections used for LG and XL sizes offer easy handling and reduced UPS shipping charges. For any order, please specify the bracket projection so the proper bracket will be packed with your rod. Projections of 1-1/2”, 3” and 6” are available. Standard 3” brackets are normally used for most window treatments. Use 1-1/2” projection brackets for wall hangings or tapestries. Use 6” projection brackets to clear outside mounted blinds or sheers.Heavy-duty brackets may be ordered separately as an upgrade for use with extra heavy drapes on the adjustable rods.

DESIGNER TIP: Use Adjustable Rods for rod pockets or tab top drapes, where the “lip” of an adjustable rod and any rod seams may be hidden by the pocket or tab. For traversing rings, use our custom rods and you will have a better appearance than the adjustable rod as the brackets will hide seams and there are no “lips” to hang-up the rings.