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Amore Drapery Ring Information

October 19, 2019 1 min read

Drapery Rings with Eyelets

This is the most preferred ring style for attaching draperies. The ring is formed of 1/4” round solid steel into a perfect round ring. We then fuse a small eyelet on the bottom of the ring at a right angle to the larger ring. Draperies are attached using drapery hooks (not included) or by sewing the drapery onto the eyelet. Usually 7 rings are used per 48”-54” fabric face width. For a loose, slouch look use only 4-5 rings.

Magic “C” Rings

Our patent-pending ring looks like our regular ring when installed on the rod, but will magically pass over the center support brackets, allowing our rods to be used for one way draws or split draws on larger windows. When the Magic Ring is ordered, be sure to order the “C” bracket for center supports as only the “C” bracket will allow the Magic Ring to pass over it!

Overlap Rings

Decorative Rods now can have the functionality of traverse rods with overlap carriers. The pair of rings install as the first ring on either side of the center opening. The weight of the drape under the ring keeps the ring in alignment, while the lead edge is fixed to the extended arm. The over/ under clearance is 3-1/2”. Keeps the light and cold out when shut!

Drapery Clip Rings

Clip rings give a loose, airy look to drapery panels. Our clip rings are made with a heavy-duty, but small, clip designed to hold up to 20 lbs. of weight each. The clip is bolted on our standard 2” metal ring.