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By definition, the Baroque style is one of ornate and elaborate details in art, architecture and design. Highly prized in 17th century Europe, its richly deserved reputation has mounted a Renaissance with this recent collection of tableware. Acanthus flourishes embellish the cast aluminum bases and pedestals, enhancing the creamy, beaded ceramic plates, bowls and trays. Pieces are tall, bold and true to their flamboyant history. Acorn finials top lids making them easy to grasp and visually appealing. This inspired collection includes tiered servers with removable pie slice dishes, nut bowls and platters on lofty pedestals, carousel condiment holders and a chip and dip server that raises the bar on hosting a finger food event! Gorgeously crafted of cast aluminum and either glass or ceramic, the Baroque collection can be high-brow when in the presence of linen or beautifully backyard tailgate tolerant. Classic, yet contemporary, a fusion of what we want now and what mattered then.


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