Lamani Elaborate Metalwork Designs

Combining elements from past and present, this collection brings exciting panache to your décor. LaMani products offer some of the finest elaborate metalwork in the industry, combined with a functionality for everyday use. LaMani designs combine architectural elements and historical details of yesterday, many of which are reminiscent of antique gates, balconies and staircases. Specialized hand-applied color finishes create a look that make each item a unique piece of artwork.

  • Handmade and finished to order - Items are available in a variety of hand applied finishes
  • Some customization available for an up-charge in price
This product is hand-made by skilled artisans. Custom craftsmanship takes time we ask you to please be patient and allow the artisans to do their best work.Made to Order

Lamani Bathroom Hardware Photo
This upscale line of bath accessories includes towel bars, towel hooks, towel rings, and tissue holders.
Lamani Fireplace Screens
Intricately detailed folding and French style fireplace screens provide beauty and warmth for any fireplace.
Lamani Shelf Brackets
LaMani's bracket line features an assortment of decorative, outdoor usable, aluminum shelf brackets.

LaMani Designer Finishes

LaMani's specialized hand-applied color finishes are some of the most beautiful in the industry and help to create a look that make each item a unique piece of artwork. All LaMani paint finishes are durable exterior paint finishes and the majority of their products are aluminum, therefore ideally suited for exterior use as they will never rust. Please check the product description for the material of the item you are interested in.

Custom Work
Since LaMani fabricates and hand-crafts all of their own products, they can offer some customization. They can sometimes modify the height and other dimensions of firescreens and other products. For a quote, please call (866-438-4766) or fax (770-539-9091) us your request, along with a drawing or dimensions. Custom orders are strictly prepay and are non-returnable.

More Information on LaMani

LaMani Designs is dedicated to providing innovative ornamental aluminum and wrought iron product design. All of their ornamental metal products are available in your choice of over 16 beautiful hand-painted finishes. The hand-crafted process used to create these rich colors is very time-consuming, but results in unequaled old world patinas.

The unusual beauty of Paris, New Orleans, Seville, Brussels, and other cities owes much to their superb and incomparable ironwork. And a survey of world architecture will reveal cast metal in a vast abundance of styles, including botanical motifs, Neoclassical, Gothic and Victorian.

LaMani Designs integrates these historical designs into functional interior products made of cast iron and aluminum. Many of their products are reminiscent of antique gates, balconies and staircases. They continue to be in the forefront of utilizing these architectural ideas in beautiful accessory and furniture collections.

Their product line features a vast assortment of decorative accessories and furniture items all hand-crafted by skilled artisans.