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Artisan Iron Table Tops

Table bases and table tops are priced and sold separately; this is to allow all possible combinations of bases and different types of tops. Choose your base style, then choose your top style, then put the two together.

Hammered Copper Table Tops

“Wavy” Copper Tops (3” H) with a 1” wavy copper band goes around the middle of the edge.

“Banded Wavy” Copper Tops Hammered Copper Tops (3” H) with a 1” wide wavy copper band around the middle of the edge (as above); but also with 1” metal bands (w/ nail heads) bounding above and below the wavy copper around the edges of the tops.

Travertine Stone Table Tops Typically 2 ½” edge chipped bevel; but bull nose, and other edge treatments are available upon request.

Reclaimed Wood Table Tops The wood our carpenters use to manufacture Copper Instincts furniture is a combination of new pine and reclaimed pine salvaged from old buildings (barn wood). It is thoroughly fumigated for a minimum of 48 hours using a gas approved by the EPA and FDA for the fumigation of fruits, vegetables, and wood products. Large reclaimed wood table tops are not recommended due to their potential for cracking and warping. Wood table tops exceeding 42” are particularly susceptible to changes, and will be manufactured upon request, but only when the customer understands this and accepts full responsibility.

Rosewood Rustic Wood Table Tops The maximum rectangular size is 96” x 42”. The rosewood table tops, if too large, can also have issues with potential cracking and warping. But the rosewood tops are less sensitive to these changes compared to the reclaimed wood tops.