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July 30, 2019 2 min read

Our first year in the new store.

It looks a bit empty but it won't take us long to fill it up.

Invite the Neighbors for a Sunday brunch

I'll Take One of Everything - Please!

Design Finds for Every Room

Decorating Logistics

Witty and whimsical table settings, fantastic florals and vessels, garden statuary perfectly at home indoors, an event planner's dream. See us for all the necessities to mount a wedding, reception, rehearsal dinner, anniversary party or seasonal luncheon. You might say that we're in the table logistics business!

Our New Potting Shed

An exciting project in which we were able to acquire authentic materials from an 1890's general store from right here in North Georgia!

The Colors of Summer

It's the mix and match season of entertaining. The colors of the summer sunset still prevail but we're previewing ideas for fall as well.

Fall - a Breath of Fresh Air

Sure we love our summers - beach trips and picnics - but fall is like a breath of fresh air. Vibrant colors, a slower pace and days still long enough to remain outdoors. Go ahead, admire the woodsy changes and views with friends around the table.

Fun Filled Fall

The colors and textures of fall remind us that the family-filled holidays are right around the corner, but there is still time to enjoy the turning leaves and crisp, cool air!

Its Fall, Y'all

Its fall, y'all, and we're talking turkey, gourds and colorful leaves. Another reminder that seasonal decorating is all about the warmth and wonder it brings to gatherings with family and friends. Just a few of our favorite showroom snapshots to serve as stimulation for your own vision of autumn!

The Silly Season

We like to call it the "silly season." You can channel your inner child during October and be applauded for your efforts! Spider webs allowed!

Halloween - For the Young at Heart

Who are we kidding? Halloween allows those of us who are more mature to behave like a youngster again. Scary scenes - costumes - dry ice. Bring it on!

Chill and Thrill Headquarters?

You bet your pointed black hat! It couldn't be easier to create your own house of horrors with our ghoulish array of goblins, ghosts, black cats and bats. Stop scratching your skull - the best ideas are right here.

Not a Creature Was Stirring

Disregard what the famous song says - creatures ARE stirring all over this house - including a precious little mouse family!

Too Much Christmas?

In our world, there is no such thing as too much Christmas! So many ways to express the joy and magic we recall in our own childhood; so many ways to pass it along to a new generation.

Crafty Christmas Decor

The holidays certainly bring out the crafty and creative in us…just like everyone else. The more festive and adorned the better! From table tops to mantles to sparkling trees and overlooked corners this "scrapbook" of ideas is meant to pique your interest and put your goals in motion. Need help? Just call on our designers!