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Often awe-inspiring in a garden or near a particular feature of your landscape, gazebo structures become outdoor pavilions when decked out with lights or draped with greenery. Generally crafted of wrought iron, outdoor pavilions can be erected with bolts or screws for a more permanent posture on patios or decks or may be put together without tools when assembled for a special event such as an outdoor wedding or party.

Still other elaborate outdoor pavilions offer to play both roles. Too pretty to de-construct, they can become a traditional garden accent when used with anchoring pins. Outdoor pavilions are a dramatic backdrop or focal point and have been known to move inside when needed to define a special dining or seating arrangement. Versatile and vibrant!

Quick View

Quick View

Our selection of wrought iron gazebos and pavilions are designed to be a focal point in any garden setting. A dramatic architectural backdrop, they add a special element to weddings, parties and intimate alfresco dining.

DESIGN NOTE: While gazebos and pavilions have traditionally been used as a garden structure, in large homes and lofts they can also be used to define conversation and dining areas.