Wrought Iron Flower Trellises

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Such a versatile garden tool! Positioned at points in a yard or garden, wrought iron trellises not only enhance the view but offer the perfect partnership for vertical or climbing plants and flowers. Even if not used as a floral enhancer, wrought iron trellises can be used to mask an unsightly corner, create an outdoor room or, when used in multiples, can earmark the start of a pathway - much like a garden gate.

Wrought iron trellises garner huge style points for their elegant designs. Choose from classic cottage garden embellishments to a more contemporary geometric pattern, and many come in standard single panels that may be enhanced with side pieces for greater showmanship! Options include flower pot rings and mounting brackets where available, and one stand-alone wrought iron trellis star allows you to create a bottle tree trellis with your own colorful wine vessels!

Quick View

Quick View

Decorative trellises transform ordinary walls, patios, entrances and walkways as well as help to create elegant partitions for entertaining or privacy when used as fencing. Draped with blossoms and greenery, our trellises can help you to create a romantic retreat, right in your own backyard.

  • Place your trellis next to a wall or fence or you can set it in the garden as an accent or a backdrop.
  • Put two or three trellises in a row, with a few inches of space between them, to screen an unwelcome view or to provide privacy
  • Set two trellises a few feet apart and link them together to make an arbor or a gate. Span the tops with 2x4's and train vines up and over the structure to make an arbor or passageway.
  • Climbing roses are the classic plant for a garden trellis and create a romantic feeling
  • Many other plants will also work well on a trellis are; Ampelopsis glandulosa, Black-eyed Susan vine, Bittersweet, Boston ivy, Bougainvillea, Cape leadwort, Chilean glory flower, Chinese gooseberry, Cissus, Clematis, Climbing hydrangea, Climbing nasturtium, English ivy, Euonymus, Grape vine, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Morning glory, Moonflower, Passionflower vine, Pole Beans, Russian Vine, Sweet peas, and Wisteria