Stone County Ironworks - America's Blacksmith Shop

We're proud to have manufacturing alliances with companies like the folks at Stone County Iron Works, who believe in green practices, recycled materials and words like "non toxic." Their hand forged iron furniture, seating, tables, home decor, lamps, fireplace tools and more are the benchmark for everlasting quality. And they do it the old-fashioned way - with manpower versus machine.

The smallest details can sometimes reveal the larger stories about a company, for instance, the fact that Stone County Ironworks refuse to weld imported stamped leafs onto their products This embodies the true art of the blacksmithing. Forging a leaf is an old, traditional blacksmith technique and represents the skill of an experienced blacksmith. Each hand forged leaf is different from the next, as it is in nature and just as it should be. These differences are the signatures of individual blacksmiths. There are easier ways to make a leaf, or any of their designs, but hand forging is the authentic way, and it is the only way for the specialists at Stone County Ironworks.

  • Only authentic materials and methods are used - All items are hand-forged and finished to order
  • A variety of hand applied finishes are aviailable - Some customization available for an up-charge in price
Hand ForgedMade to OrderProudly made right here in the USA

About Our Products

These products are also warranted, by the manufacturer - Stone County Ironworks, to the customer against defects in manufacturing and workmanship for a period of 1-year from the date of purchase. We will replace any defective merchandise under this warranty, when it is returned.

Iron -
Stone County Ironworks products are built using hot-rolled iron and hot-forging techniques. By using these techniques, some scaling is produced in the finished texture. This is characteristic of hand-forged iron. Because the Blacksmiths produce each product by hand, each finished item is always a unique piece, not exactly identical to any other. The time-honored techniques of forging, bending, cutting, and welding, leave tool marks on the metal. These variations are additional hallmarks of handcrafted iron. To maintain the beauty and luster of your iron furnishing, we recommend a regular buffing with a soft, lint-free cloth and an occasional application of furniture wax to clean and maintain the finish.

Finish -
Stone County Ironworks standard finish is a signature black matte. It is durable and water-born, complementing our time-honored material. Hand-applied premium finishes are also available, and gold and copper accents can be applied to any product.

Tile -
Our tile is made from a durable ceramic earthenware composite. It is handmade, hand-cast and hand finished, then sealed to be moisture and stain resistant. Finally, veining and texture is hand-applied adding to the beauty and interest of the tile.

Glass - The nature of glass there may be minor individual variations in the surface texture and inclusion of small bubbles. Some edges are occasionally uneven due to this process. Our chandelier globes have a wiring access hole, cut by our manufacturer which might appear chipped. Once assembled, this does not affect the quality or appearance of the lamp and is not considered to be a defect by the manufacturer.

Wood -
Our wood dressers, bachelors, lingerie cabinets and armoires are handcrafted with heavy stock ponderosa pine, which are available in canyon cafe and mesquite finishes. We employ traditional furniture construction techniques and finish each piece by hand. Wood options for seating, shelving and tabletops include pine and oak. The finish options for pine are a honey-pine or distressed finish. For the oak, the choices include standard oak, oxblood or dark brown finishes. Each wood furnishing or option is hand sanded, sealed to prevent cracking and chipping, and finished with an overcoat applied for durability. You will notice the occasional knot or slight grain variation in our wood products. These are natural features reminiscent of quality wood products of a bygone era. All our finishes are water resistant. And clean easily through buffing with a clean, lint-free cloth or by applying a commercial polish. Please note that not all wood options are available for all products.

Copper -
Our copper tabletops and panels are made of thick gauge, hand hammered and fired copper sheets. The sheets are affixed to wood by decorative and sturdy hand-forged nails. The sheen of the copper is achieved by hand waxing of the finished piece, To maintain the beauty and luster of your copper furnishing, we recommend a regular ,buffing with a lint-free cloth and an occasional application of furniture wax to clean and maintain the patina.

Leather -
Choice, top-grain leather is used for our leather seating collection. the hides are tanned and dyed as close to perfection as possible. The leather is then hand-fitted to form the seat cushions. Because each hide is unique as nature has made them there will be slight variations in color and some thinning spots.

Fabric -
Stools and seats are also available with a high-grade muslin covering. These can be used as is, but are primarily designed to be recovered by the purchaser. They are padded with foam and meet non-flammability requirements. Dye lots may vary slightly.

Brooms -
All brooms included in the fire tool accessories are handmade by local broom squires. They are woven using century-old techniques and compliment the fire sets.